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@2015 Alex McClafferty & Nils Vinje
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How to find and flex your strengths as a Customer Success Manager.

Flex your strengths

Day 1

What you will learn

My name is Alex McClafferty and I’m an entrepreneur, author and consultant.
I co-founded a successful startup with a team of 38 who serve 1,000+ customers, worldwide.
My business partner, Nils Vinje, is a coach, consultant and passionate Customer Success expert.
He went from Customer Success Manager to VP, Customer Success in less than three years. 
Our aim is to share our learnings and help Customer Success professionals, just like you.
How to save a high-profile, $100,000+ account from churning.


Day 2
How to create your own personal mission statement and steer your career.

Be your own CEO

Day 3
How to rein in a maverick sales guy who sells bad deals and creates a mess.

Deal with sales

Day 4
How to avoid getting sucked into time-wasting projects.

Reclaim your time

Day 5
Each week, we'll send you an update jam-packed with Customer Success tips.

Tips & tricks

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Each lesson is actionable and takes about 5 minutes to read.
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