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Is there a guarantee? Yes, we offer a 100% moneyback guarantee.

Who should join? CSM Elite is perfect if your team wants to...
- accelerate their Customer Success careers
- learn from and help their peers in a safe environment
- step outside of their comfort zone to be challenged and to grow
Is this a Customer Success conference? This is not a conference. This is a hands-on, action-packed workshop. Our participants challenge each other to grow and learn. 
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Introducing... CSM Elite™

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CSM Elite is a product of Glide Learning

I’m Nils Vinje, co-founder of CSM Elite—the home for driven CSMs who want to catapult their careers in Customer Success to the next level.
In a few moments, I will share with you some of my lessons learned… lessons that allowed me to ascend from CSM to VP of Customer Success in less than 30 months… lessons that helped me build high performance teams and run an entire Customer Success department… lessons that allowed me to overcome depression, love my work, and focus on the important things in life. 
But first, I want to give you some background.

When I started, I couldn't find where I fit... 

I would get so bored with each new job that after six months I would quit. I thought I was not built to do the same thing over and over again. 
I just couldn’t find fulfillment in my work, so I would take jobs where I survived, instead of thrived. I took a job as a programmer but soon realized how solitary the profession was and how much it didn’t suit me.
I quickly moved to another role, supporting the sales engineering team. It was fun, and I desperately wanted to become a sales engineer...

Then, the company shut down.

I was forced to find something else. I convinced myself that because I was good with technology and I liked people, I should become a sales rep. So, I joined Xerox because it had the best sales training program available. 
Five months later, I quit. 
At this point in my life, I had run the career gauntlet. I had been a consultant, a programmer, sales engineer support and, for a brief time, dabbled in marketing. Nothing was exciting. 

I dreaded going to work.

I drove myself into depression because the job roles I was choosing were completely misaligned with my Strengths. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my #1 Strength was Maximizer. I yearned to help other people develop their strengths, but none of these roles let me tap into that. I took some time out, got some professional help and went to work in an entirely different field. 
I became a cabinet-maker.
For three months, I made high-end custom furniture, but I realized that I had invested too much time, energy, and education to settle. This hit me when I felt profoundly bored using a machine. 
So I looked for a role where I could use my technical and business skills. I transitioned into a Sales Engineer role and stayed there for three and a half years. 
Then, my world turned upside down. 

My daughter, Synva, was born!

It was time for me to support my young family. I enrolled in grad school. When I took Advanced Communication for Managers class, it clicked. I instantly recognized the errors in my ways when I had asked for promotions or tried to move around in previous companies. The new concepts I was learning were clear to me, and I couldn’t get enough. It just felt right.
I graduated with a 3.92 GPA. In high school and college, I scraped by, so this was unheard of. I did this well in grad school because Management was perfectly aligned with my #1 Strength.
After graduation, I knew exactly what I needed to do—bring great leadership to startups. 
I joined a San Francisco startup in 2009 and worked there for two years. I loved working in services and support.

Then, the company I was working at shut down… again.

I had lunch with a friend who was a Customer Success Manager. He told me about a CSM role he had available at his company. I looked at the job description and said out loud, "That's me!” 
After working as a Customer Success Manager for just seven months, I got my first promotion. Had I been in any other role, I probably would have left by then. Instead, I applied my learnings and doubled down on my Strengths. I was promoted to Team Leader.
Then, I started to coach my team. I could feel my team’s confidence growing and saw them perform at a high level. I ended up creating a framework that any Customer Success Manager could apply to become a high-performance contributor. The sequencing of the lessons is the secret to success. 
The first step is to get 100% clear on your strengths. That was the missing link for me since I started my career, but once I realized this, it was rocket fuel!
The next lessons are the 3 Levels of Listening, Asking Powerful Questions, Honing Motivation, Building Rapport, and Mastering Negotiation. I had created a framework that allowed my CSMs to become Elite. All they needed to do was follow the sequence. 

Fifteen months later, I was made Director… 

Six months after that, I was VP of Customer Success

"Nils has been a huge help to us here at Segment. Having him coach the whole success team on their individual strengths and working with the entire team to tie all our strengths together has been an amazing experience with great results."
Jake Peterson, VP Success at Segment

We Can Help Your Team 
Customer Success Managers
Reach New Heights

I loved being a VP, but I got so addicted to helping people that I became unsatisfied... and I quit!
I launched Glide Consulting and, in just six months, helped a handful of hyper-growth SaaS startups, including Segment and RainforestQA, build out their own world-class Customer Success practices. 
I love consulting, but I want to be able to help many more people. That’s why I teamed up with Alex McClafferty, who cares about helping people develop their strengths as much as I do. 
We defined our purpose “to invest in the growth of our clients” and combined our passion and 25+ years of experience to create the CSM Elite program.
I can't wait to help you, too.
CSM Elite is a one-day, on site program for teams of Customer Success Managers.
You'll learn how to tap into your “hidden in plain sight” personal strengths, home in on what really matters to your customers, and understand which questions you should ask your customers when they are on their way out the door. You'll also discover how to get crystal clear on where you want to go in Customer Success and formulate a plan to get there. You'll learn the subtle art of how to build rapport to help you influence your team and customers… and role-play real-world negotiation scenarios that would scare most CSMs away.
Most importantly, you'll have a tight-knit network of talented CSMs to help you when you're stuck, to share results with, and to propel you into action. 
Keep reading to see how CSM Elite will help you turn it up a notch... 
  • even if you've jumped around in your career
  • even if you're having a tough time right now
  • even if you're feeling burned out
  • even if you're bored in your day-to-day job
  • even if you're scared of trying something new


This is exactly what you'll learn in CSM Elite...

Session 1 Discover Your Strengths

The Strengths approach rejects the boring idea that you should “work on your weaknesses and become more versatile.” The Strengths framework is the product of a 40-year research project pioneered by Gallup, a company founded in 1935. Gallup created a language for the 34 most common talents and developed the StrengthsFinder assessment to help people discover and describe these talents.
Gallup has empirically proven that identifying and working to your strengths will get you further in your career faster. We’re on board.
Besides, who wants to feel depressed about their deficiencies and worried about their weak points? Instead...
Figure out what you’re great at and focus on it.


During the Discover Your Strengths session, you'll learn how to...

During the 3 Levels of Listening session, you'll learn...

"Nils comes with my highest recommendation if you are looking to gain insight into your personal or teams' strengths or build the foundation of a world class customer success team."
Nick Kennedy, VP Customer Care at VHT

Session 3 Asking Powerful Questions

An Elite CSM goes beyond simple questions. An Elite CSM has the confidence to press on and get to the root cause of a customer’s frustration.
A close-ended question (e.g., one that can be responded to with a simple yes or no answer) can destroy your relationship with a frustrated customer. Instead, you can steer the conversation to understand your customer's pain. If a customer is going to churn, you should be ready, willing, and able to do everything in your power to retain them. 
As a CSM, your goal is to deeply understand what your customer needs. Asking powerful questions will get you there.


In the Asking Powerful Questions session, you'll learn...

Session 4 Master Your Motivation

Answer this question: Are you the CEO of your career? Unfortunately, for a lot of Customer Success Managers, the answer is a resounding No. Why?
Because we fall into the trap of relying on our managers for career direction and guidance. When we do that, we forget that:
- our career development is entirely our responsibility and
- our managers have a lot more on their plates than they can handle
So, how do you turn a deflated No into an emphatic Yes? How do you take the reins of your career? 
First, you need to get crystal clear on your personal mission statement, and then, you need to understand how managers think about you. 


During the Master Your Motivation session, you'll learn...

"Alex is successful not only because of his charisma and ability to lead, but because his unique ability is to grow top performing people into leaders themselves. When Alex is dropping knowledge, be sure to catch it."
Kentaro Roy, Entrepreneur

Session 5 Rapid Rapport Building

As a CSM, you need to know that rapport is absolutely critical to building deeper relationships with your customers and getting the help you need from your team. 
Rapport is created by a feeling of commonality, which leads to the spark that starts a relationship. Have you ever chatted with someone for a few minutes when you just seemed to click? When that happens, you feel a real sense of connection and trust, but it’s not something you can touch or see. 
Elite CSMs have a knack for creating this magical spark. We believe it’s a skill that can be taught, and we’re here to help.


In the Rapid Rapport Building session, you'll learn...

Session 6 Negotiate With Ease

In my early days as a CSM, I was responsible for a large brand name account. I would do anything to please them. They would say, “Jump!” and… well, you know how that story goes. 
Like you, I am hardwired to be helpful and solve customer problems.
Over time, I discovered that to be truly helpful, I needed to set expectations. Part of setting expectations is having the courage to say no. Expectations are the foundation of negotiation… and even though the word negotiation can conjure up an image of bargaining with a used car salesman, negotiation doesn’t need to feel sleazy.
Negotiation can be natural and we will show you how.


During the Negotiate With Ease session, you'll learn...

"Alex has been key in helping me realize my potential. He is a great leader, is always open to help, and is easy to work with." 
Kyle Gray, Content Marketing Manager

What can your team achieve?

Here's what you can achieve with CSM Elite:
  • Your team will gain clarity on their career roadmap and personal mission statements
  • Your team will thrive on taking on more responsibility and ownership of their roles
  • Your team love their work and their life more than they already do!

What does CSM Elite cost?

Right now, you have three options to educate your Customer Success team:
Attend a conference. Some are great, while others are 'meh.' Most sessions are broad and lack specific actionable advice that applies to your day-to-day functions. At CSM Elite, we’ll give you 100% actionable content, ready to be applied as soon as you get back to your desk—along with connections and access to a support community.
Share (another) blog post. There are only so many blog posts you can read about best practice processes or QBR templates. We know that you’ve got your basics covered… and the CSM Elite curriculum reflects that. Expect to participate in activities, discuss your learnings, and share your experiences at CSM Elite.
Enrol in an online course. Sometimes, online courses feel like a game. You’ve got a ton of work to do but need to finish the course, so you skim the videos and rush through the multiple choice quiz at the end. At CSM Elite, there are no shortcuts, no videos that will put you to sleep, and definitely no naps!

None of these options are ideal.

That is why we created CSM Elite. If you prefer action and interaction with your peers, CSM Elite is right for you. If you prefer practical learning based on real-world experience, CSM Elite is right for you. If you believe the best investment you can make is in yourself and your personal development, CSM Elite is right for you.
Email us at for a quote.
CSM Elite is affordable, proven to work, and proudly backed by our 100% money back guarantee. 
You know what's expensive? You know what's exhausting? You know what can make your job a nightmare?
  • When you struggle to prioritize and juggle dozens of different tasks at a time.
  • When you say yes more than you should and create an obscene amount of work for yourself.
  • When you lose a key customer, your Manager gets upset, and you pray that it doesn't happen again.
  • When you spend 95% of your day putting out fires.
  • When your sales team pushes crappy deals through and you're left to pick up the pieces.
  • When you politely ask your Product team to create a feature that your customer is screaming for... only to have it ignored or, worse, forgotten.
Now, that's expensive!

Join the ranks of the Elite

Jason Lemkin, VC at Storm Ventures said it best: "Customer Success is where 90% of the revenue is."
The rest of the world is just starting to notice. The field of Customer Success is growing at an incredible rate, and there's one thing I hear over and over again from VPs, CCOs, and CEOs of fast growing companies:
"It's just too hard to find and hire excellent CSMs."
When you commit to CSM Elite, you will change the course of your career and set yourself apart from your peers. You'll learn the exact step-by-step approach you need to accelerate your career in Customer Success. You'll have the tools, frameworks, scripts, and systems to help you get there.
I can't wait to bring CSM Elite to you!
- Nils Vinje


✓ Uncover your top 5 strengths using the StrengthsFinder self-assessment
✓ Discover how to flex your #1 strength by mastering the Glide Strengths in Action Technique
✓ Harness your strengths - they can work both for and against you as a Customer Success Manager
✓ How to use the proven 3 Levels of Listening technique to deeply connect with your customers
✓ The triggers that distract you from the hidden messages that really matter
✓ The subtle customer hints that most Customer Success Managers miss
✓ The exact, word for word Powerful Questions that will help you control any conversation
✓ How to lead and resolve heated conversations with Sales, Product Teams and High Value Customers
✓ How to master tough discussions that make most Customer Success Managers weak at the knees
✓ The secret Manager’s Matrix and how you can accelerate your way to High Skill/High Will
✓ How to form your own Career Board, become the CEO of your career, and clarify your career path
✓ How to craft your Personal Mission Statement 
✓ How to naturally build relationships and influence key members of Sales and Product teams
✓ How to master and use to your advantage the 3 Stages of Rapport Building
✓ How to stop sales people from pushing bad deals onto your Customer Success team
✓ The specific steps you can use to negotiate your way out of time-wasting and low-value tasks
✓ Why having a 'yes-first' mindset will harm, instead of help your career progression
✓ How to avoid 'Project Manager quicksand' and take control of when and how you get the job done

Here are some companies we've helped...

Still have questions?

We're here to help. Email us at

"It was an incredible experience to work with Nils to hone in not just on my strengths but what they meant to me specifically."
Emily McInerney, Marketing Director at Tapjoy

"I was very proud and lucky to have directly reported to Alex and to have him as my mentor."
Mohammad Abbas

"Nils possesses the rare talent of drawing out skills in people that they didn't even know were present."
Conor Nash, CSM

Session 2 The 3 Levels of Listening

Listening is the epicenter of every customer relationship you build as a CSM.
The 3 Levels of Listening technique allows you to clearly understand where to focus and what to change in your approach to solving customer problems. 
Listening is also the key to unlocking a completely different dimension of your relationships on both personal and professional levels. Once you unleash these new skills on your customers, your relationships will strengthen, and you'll discover a whole new level of trust.
Your newfound ability to listen will inspire a feeling of confidence you have not experienced before.